Saturday, 17 September 2011

My First Beauty Box

Ever since I signed up for Feel Unique's Beauty box in the middle of August I was SO excited to get my first one. It seems like I've been waiting so long (they took a little longer to send them out because of the massive sale they had on). Mine arrived yesterday whilst I was at work, so I was straight to the Post Office this morning to collect it.
Usually you would only get 5 luxury samples, but because they were late they added 2 more samples this month :)
Its only £10 a box (they come monthly) and delivery is free.

It comes in a really robust pink & black slide out box - great for keeping things in!
There's a card that comes with it explaining what's in the box, as well as a discount code to get you 10% off the brands in your beauty box for the whole of that month.

This months products;

£14 for 75ml
Sample size - 20ml
"Rinses out entirely weightlessly and manages to leave hair deeply nourished and shiny."
Really looking forward to trying this as my hair is so brittle and dry because I'm horrible to it with lots of hair dye and straighteners! It's to be used 2-3 times a weeks before shampooing, or you can use it as a hair mask and leave on for 20 minutes if your hairs really damaged like mine is.

£45.95 for 50ml
Sample size - 30ml
"Ella Bache Creme Tomate Vitamin Radiance Cream is famed for imparting a healthy looking glow to all skin types"
I'm really looking forward to using this, it's enriched with extracts of tomato and claims to brighten and reveal complexion. I have quite dull skin so if this works it will be a miracle!

£3.15 for 100ml
Sample size - Full size!
"Control and complete styles with a fast, firm, no-fuss finish and healthy shine."
Having short hair means hairspray is essential at all times, but will this live up to the one and only Elnette? Love that they send a full size sample!

£6.30 for 75ml
Sample size - 25ml
"Deeply moisturising & nourishing"
LOVE this. I put a little blob on my hands and I can't stop smelling them! It's so gorgeous! I tend to find hand creams really greasy (Soap and Glory Hand Food I'm looking at you!) but this is so so soft. Definitely going to be buying some of this with my 10% discount!

£22 for 250ml
Sample size - 50ml
"Non-oily cleansing and soothing lotion with the same pH as your natural tears."
This has come at a good time as I have banned myself from using face wipes so eye make up remover is just what I need! The full size bottle seems expensive, but it does say that a little goes a long way so it may be worth the investment if its good! Good sized sample so I should be able to get a good idea if I like it or not.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid
£32.30 for 30ml
Sample size - 3ml
"The ultimate solution for all signs of dull, lifeless and pigmented skin"
I'm expecting alot from this product because of the price. To be used all over the face and neck after cleansing in the morning, it also has SPF which isn't really something I'm too fussed about at the moment as we are going into autumn/winter now! Hopefully I can get a good idea of the product from the 3ml sample.

£38 for 30ml
Sample size - 3ml
"Radiant, voluptuous, addictive."
Top notes: Orange Blossom
Middle notes: Jasmine absolute, Patchouli heart.
Base notes: Cedar accord, Honey Rose
I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE!!! This may have just taken over from my signature sent Armani Diamonds. This is just so so gorgeous, would be great to wear day & night which is just what I look for in a perfume. I'm going into town in a minute with my boyfriend, so I'm going to be very heavily hinting :)

Overall, I am very impressed with my first box and can't wait for my next one! I love the mixture of products, and also the sizes of the samples is really generous (with the exception of the last two however they were the extra products, and both high end!).

I will be posting reviews in the next couple of weeks.

Does anyone else get this box? Are there any other boxes that are better?



  1. I am so jealous of you girls who can get this. They don't deliver any of these boxes in my country, yet! The products look great, hope you enjoy them! :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  2. I'm loving the look of this box, may have to order one :')xx

  3. I get Glossybox, which is an identical concept, and just as good! I love it, one day out of every month becomes as exciting as Christmas with things like this! Xx

  4. This is an awesome deal! I need to do some research as to what I could get in the states like this...

    new follower >>
    Please follow back if you like what you see <3

    xoxo Mads

  5. This is the first time I have heard of this. It looks like you have got yourself some nice products there. x

  6. Hi ! Thanks for visiting my blog, Im just returning the favour! Wish we had monthly subscription boxes in Australia =(
    Come back and visit soon! xx

  7. it really is amazing, so exciting as you don't know what your going to get!!


  8. This looks better than glossybox, might have to switch next month! x hivenn

  9. These all sound like great products:) I wonder if they deliver these in my country! That would be great!
    Little Petite

  10. I wish we had these kind of thing in my country!

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  12. after reading this i'm actually going to sign up when I can. It's a great idea =] xx

  13. Got my first glossy box this month also, but I wasn't aware that feel unique was doing a similar thing. I might have to invest in this one also...can I justify it???? ...and the delivery is free... wow, you might of just sold it to me.


  14. This is so great! I didn't know Feel Unique were doing Beauty Boxes, too! The Glossy Box products never seem to appeal to me, so may definitely try Feel Unique's version. Your blog is so cute, by the way and I'll definitely respond to your tag xx