Friday, 23 September 2011

Mini Haul

It was my best friends birthday this week so I went up to stay with her at her uni. Whilst I was there we did the standard boots/superdrug visit where I picked up a couple of things - usually I would go mental as the Boots at her uni is MASSIVE compared to the one where I live, but I unexpectedly had to buy a new car this week so I'm a little strapped for cash!

Ok so first up is the Nails Inc glitter polish - Chelsea Square. This was £12 from boots.

It's a totally gorgeous rose colour, and so so glittery! We swatched it in the shop against the Orly equivalent which was nowhere near as good!
The pictures don't do it enough justice! I'm in love.

Next up, lipsticks! I bought the new Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick No. 3 in boots (£5.49) and Sleek Lipstick in Peaches & Cream (£3.99).
Both are absolutely gorgeous, but if I had to pick a favourite then I would pick the Kate Moss Rimmel as it's a much more wearable shade, and the formulation is just as you would expect from Rimmel lipsticks - creamy and wonderfully pigmented. I also love the smell of Rimmel lipstick, a bit like candyfloss!
Don't get me wrong though, the Sleek lipstick is just a nice.
L - Sleek 'Peaches & Cream'. R - Kate Moss by Rimmel 03

I did try and take some pictures of the lipsticks on my lips but it's not easy to get a good picture when you've got a cold!



  1. The nail polish looks really nice for the glittery one!

  2. That nail polish is gorgeous! And I prefere the Kate moss lipstick too :) great items. Whenever u visit my sister at uni we always end up in mac as the nearest mac to me is bluewater, about an hour and a half! Sucks big time!


  3. That was meant o be whenever I visit my sister lol x

  4. Same here, nearest mac to me is an hour away :(
    I've always wanted to go to bluewater, theres no shopping centres as big as that down here in the southwest!


  5. Been dying to try the Kate Moss lipsticks.. and the colour 03 is just the one I would go for. Is the formulation drying on the lips? (My ultimate fear!)

  6. No not at all, it's lovely & creamy :)
    The sleek lipstick is a little dry though xxxxxx

  7. I love the glitter polish! I gave you an award on my blog please come check it out!

  8. Gorgeous glitter polish!

    Dont forget to enter my $50 La Posh Style giveaway!