Saturday, 8 October 2011

October's Beauty Box

Sorry for being the laziest blogger in the world, I've been really really ill but I'm feeling much better :)

Yesterday I recieved my second Beauty Box from Feel Unique (cue me nearly taking the postman out in my pyjamas when I see the package in his hands!) and I was definately not disappointed. I really loved my last box - keep an eye out for the road test result of last months products in the next couple of days!

Here's this months box

£18.40 for 197ml
Sample size - 60ml
"Gently exfoliates with perfectly soft, round exfoliator beads"
This is a 2-in-1 cleanser/toner, smells lovely & fresh! Looking forward to using this one.

£10.35 for 90ml
Sample size - 90ml
"Provides thermal protection and gives natural fullness."
This is just what I need! I blow dry and straighten my hair every day and I do use thermal protection products but my hair still gets really damaged so I'm interested to see how this works! Loving that it's a full size sample :)

£14 for 100g
Sample size - 25g
"A luxurious way to keep your hands soft"
This is LOVELY. My mum even loves it too - she said it feels expensive! It smells absolutely gorgeous :)

£8.75 for 18ml
Sample size - 5.3ml
"Fast drying, long-lasting, high gloss nail colour"
I've never actually used an orly polish before, so I'm looking forward to this!

£30.60 for 30ml
Sample size - 10ml
"Optimum moisture to ensure a glowing complexion all day long"
This ones pretty expensive, meaning it will probably be fantastic and I will have to persuade my boyfriend to buy it!

£45 for 35ml
Sample size - 2ml
"Sensual & Feminine"
Top notes: Green absinthe, peach & freesia
Middle notes: Rose absolute, iris & sandalwood
Base notes: Cashmeran, vanilla, amber & musk,
So please to get this in the box! I got a sample from the facebook giveaway burberry did, and I fell in love. Definately one to go on the christmas list!

Can't complain with all of these lovely goodies!


  1. SUCH a good post! Most bloggers don't detail the actual sample sizes that come in the beauty boxes.. which is key information! If they're all really teeny samples it's not worth it, but this seems like a really generous box (it also seems to be the cheapest of all the beauty boxes I've investigated). Thanks for this :)

    I've recently signed up to Feel Unique's Beauty Box and will be getting my first one in November... can't wait.

  2. Great Post!! Love these products!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. Oh I wish we had this in my country!

  4. I'm really questioning myself as to sign up to this. some of my friends think its worth it others don't. I don't know ahhhh lol.
    great detailed post though. love reading yours.


  5. It's DEFINITELY worth it :) this is my second box and it's really good value for money, and I'm trying products that I would be worried to buy because of the price - after using them you realise they really are worth the money!
    They always give a great selection too


  6. I loved everything I got aswell, your Orly polish looks gorgeous!

    thanks for following me, I'm now following you.
    how creepy does that sound! haha

  7. I haven't used it yet, more of a toe colour for me I think :)

    Hahaha major creepy *runs and hides*

    Thanks for following! xxxxxx