Saturday, 5 November 2011

Foundation SOS

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend so far. I kicked mine off by getting stupidly drunk with my best friend Jess, who came back this week after being posted on ship in Libya with the Navy back in June. We planned to have a civilised meal with a ton of wine, but this turned into a night of jager bombs, drunken run-ins with ex boyfriends and a hell of a lot of embarrassing dancing!
I think the text that woke me up this morning from Jess sums it all up - "Why did you let me text him last night like some kind of needy cougar" (regarding said ex boyfriend)

Anyway, back to sobriety!

I need your help! I've always had a bit of an issue with foundation, I just can't seem to get it right! I'm a huge fan of tinted moisturiser so I rarely wear much foundation, but I have an interview coming up at the end of the month for cabin crew (SO EXCITED!!) and I need to look flawless. I'm currently using the Benefit play stick, which is great but I won't be repurchasing as I bought it a month a go and it's nearly run out so definitely not worth the money. I love Benefit and swear by most of their products, but this is just too expensive for a months use.

I need your suggestions! What's your favourite foundation? Help help help!


  1. I'm using the new Soap and Glory foundation at the minute and really like it :)


  2. I'm using Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua foundation and it's THE BEST FOUNDATION EVER. I know it's expensive, but it makes your skin look flawless without feeling like you're even wearing something on your skin (it has light to medium coverage). And even though it looks small, it lasts for ages.

  3. Aha, drunk texts are never good!

    Id recommend Bourjois healthy mix, its light but gives really flawless coverage.

  4. I'm currently using Laura mercier silk creme foundation. I've used this every day since June, and it's incredible. It's a medium coverage so me layer is perfect. It's a bit pricey, however I still have tones left so I think its definitely worth the money :)


  5. P.s the coverage is spot on :) xx

  6. I'm the worst drexter on the world (drunk texter)!!
    I'm using the Revlon Colorstay foundation at the mo and I love it!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  7. I love the Avon Magix foundation!

  8. If you're generally a fan of tinted moisturiser I'd recommend trying one of the Bare Minerals foundations, as they give a 'flawless' finish without looking/feeling like you're wearing any foundation at all. If you're only really looking for a one-use foundation I'd suggest just getting a tiny sample pot from them and using a kabuki to brush it in. Otherwise, Chanel and Estee Lauder are really great about giving out samples of their foundations.. why not try one of those? (In my experience, all three of these brands' samples have lasted me a whole week!) x

  9. BareMinerals is fab, I'd recommend! Also love Armani Luminous Silk (bit expensive but lasts ages) x